How would you describe your style of photography?
We like to shoot as natural as possible and love working with natural light. While many of our photos look natural and raw it's important to note that at times they are directed to achieve the intended result. Different styles will suit different couples and our aim is to capture the couple’s distinct personalities.
What are your packages and prices?
Wedding packages start from $2795 including high resolution files and a range of wedding album packages are also available. Please get in touch via the contact page and we will send you all the info. We would also love to meet you in person and discuss the many options we have available for you.
How far in advance should we book you?
As soon as you have your date locked in! We generally get booked 6 to 12 months ahead and sometimes even more during the peak wedding season.
How do I secure my booking?
You can either visit us at our studio to fill out an agreement or it can be done online. A $550 deposit will confirm your booking and your booking will be secure once we have received both the document and payment.
Can we arrange a meeting in person?
Yes of course - we think it's important to meet with you and get to know you so that we can discuss our process and offer you a package to suit your requirements.
How do we receive our images?
You will receive a link to your online gallery with low resolution images and a USB with the high resolution colour corrected images.
Are the photos edited?

This is a question we commonly get asked and since photo editing is subjective there can be conjecture when researching photographers regarding editing techniques. Put simply there are two different types of editing - colour correction and retouching.

Colour correction involves editing RAW high quality images and adjusting things like brightness, shadows, highlights, contrast, etc. This type of editing is included with all our packages.
On the other hand, retouching is different from colour correction. It involves Photoshop and takes more time to do depending on the amount of retouching required. We use a non-destructive style of retouching which can include things such as softening skin, removing blemishes and altering and tucking in parts of your body. This method of retouching is included in our album packages.

Are the images on the USB watermarked?
The images on the USB are high resolution with no watermark.
Should we order a wedding album?
Viewing images on electronic devices does not compare to professionally printed photographs. Thus investing in one of our Art Book albums will be the best decision you will make, you will love flicking through the pages of your very own love story whilst reminiscing on one of the most memorable events of your life.
Wedding albums can be purchased either before or after the wedding, however by ordering an album prior to the wedding you will benefit from our special offers and discounted rates.
Do you travel interstate/overseas?
Yes, we love to travel. Get in touch so we can chat about your destination wedding.
What if we dont like being photographed?
As a matter of fact not many do. We aim to capture the day as natural as possible and avoid any awkward poses. Remember to enjoy the day and we will document the day as it unfolds.
Will one photographer be able to capture the whole day?
Most of the times yes, if there are going to be traditions happening simultaneously at each home prior to the ceremony then we can offer a second photographer during these times.